This is a video complied that shows the project in general and includes an aspect of all individuals in group 7.



Media Coverage

If the media do not expose the issues of Sex Trafficking it is hard to get the word out there and start putting a stop to the violence. There are isolated instances of coverage but those are scarce and there is not an open conversation about the intensity of the issue.

Through previous posts we have seen that celebrities and journalist have tried to spread the word. The online culture has created content exposing the issue but that does not reach everyone, or even if it does it simple educated people of the statistics and lack of knowledge on the issue.

The many videos present on YouTube create a market for conversation that exposes hard truths in a visual way. The movie ‘Taken’ is also a very popular portrayal of the sex trafficking industry and about young woman are abducted.

human trafficing day

Be safe. Don’t think it can’t happen to you. Help if you can!